Warehousing that works harder and smarter… for you

By Yantra Commercial Director Steve Smith

We may be a new player in the 3PL sector, but unlike many vendors we understand and appreciate that every business is unique – and we won’t try to pigeon-hole you.

When it comes to optimising space, a ‘one size fits all’ solution clearly isn’t possible. What is however, is a highly flexible warehouse set up, combined with a world class warehouse management system (WMS) capable of adapting to meet your specific requirements.

At Yantra Fulfil we have integrated one of the best-in-class, cloud-based Tier 1 WMS available, as accredited on the renowned Gartner Magic Quadrant. It’s called SnapFulfil and it has flexibility at its core and allows us to develop a tailored solution that matches your requirements.

Whereas with a lot of our competitors you would have to bend to the requirements of their WMS, you certainly don’t with us!

An easily configured WMS like ours will use the data it collects in a space optimised warehouse to drive operators along optimal pick paths, use multiple picking locations for the same SKU based on size and velocity and other advanced techniques to drive down the time it takes to find and fulfil orders, while keeping replenishment moves to a minimum.

Using cloud-based WMS software also means every aspect of the process is streamlined and made intuitive for floor staff and management, and ensures that accuracy levels throughout the process are superb.

With multiple storage options – from pallet storage (racked and block stack), configurable shelving sizes, full and half cages to ‘Storeganizer’ moveable racking storage – we ensure that your product is in the best and most cost effective location, ensuring you only get charged for the space you use.

At Yantra, our mantra is flexibility too and we have a willingness to listen and take on board your needs, so that we arrive at workable solutions together – and this means we design solutions in layout and improve the system to suit your business and your unique requirements.

This ultimately allows us to develop bespoke and cost-effective solutions for each customer, but as we’re all in the business of adapting to the rapidly changing needs of our logistics market just to compete, it’s got to be quick, efficient and cost effective too.

We wouldn’t have it any other way!

For more information on Yantra Fulfilment and its services, please email: info@yantrafulfil.co.uk or call: 01332 943872